Lockdown Locomotion

This weeks classes are cancelled due to forecast completely shit weather. See you next week!

Come and move with me in the park. Tuesday and Thursday 10.30am. 
Yoga, beginner to advanced!
If you know my flows you’ll know there be lots of options to fly, lots of standing balances, strength work and some good, old fashioned stretching.
Limited to ten per class so get your ticket now! 
If you try to get a ticket and it comes back to this page instead of Paypal you’ve missed out for the day 🙁

Tuesday 26 May 2020 CANCELLED

Thursday 28 MAY 2020 CANCELLED

I combine the dance like qualities of the flow with breath work. My flows will have you zening out while working out. Moving meditation is my goal for you.

I have been teaching people for over 10 years how to use and improve their body’s power, strength, mobility and flexibility. I am a trapeze performer, aerial circus trainer, Strength Coach, Yoga teacher and Progressive Calisthenics Certificate holder.

The things I’ve learned along the way shouldn’t be a secret and I want everyone who wants to improve their health, strength, flexibility, mobility, resilience and confidence to come and learn these things from me. I break down the most complex movements to bite size pieces for you to learn and improve on. Nothing is impossible!

All of these disciplines have helped me understand how every body is unique and with that in mind teaches all levels with necessary modifications in her Vinyasa Flow classes.

Yoga Workshops

I hold regular yoga workshops to help you break down poses to suit your body. Your body is unique and yoga sometimes needs to be demystified and modified to make it work for you.
To find out more about these workshops make sure and ‘like’ the Facebook Page.

  • Yoga Workshops
  • Absolute Beginners
  • Beginner Plus
  • Sporty Inflexible
  • Men’s Mental Health
  • Back Health
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced (Inversions & Arm Balances)
  • Calisthenic Training
  • Strength & Conditioning Coac

Calisthenics &
Circus Conditioning

Calisthenics has been a massive part of my circus and yoga training for many years. I recently completed the Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics Certificate course with Al and Grace Kavadlo and am now certified to train from beginner to advanced. I am a level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and can help athletes reach their full potential.

From progressing your push up to busting out a back lever I can help with all fitness levels.

Circus training privately at the moment. My circus students use my calisthenics training to keep their circus fitness tuned up.

Stay tuned for circus training in 2020!

Private Classes

As I progressed through my Yoga Teacher Training in 2016 it became very apparent that I was a very hands on, attentive teacher with an eye for alignment and safe practice. My style of teaching is a direct result of training and performing aerial circus for years where safety and body awareness was paramount.

With this in mind I thought I could use my skills to do two things.

Firstly, teaching absolute beginners the intricacies of yoga posture from Balasana (child pose) to the three Virabhadrasana (warrior poses) and everything in between. You’ll learn how these poses are achievable even with limitations of inflexibility or injury.

You get my undivided attention and my keen eye on alignment, knowledge of anatomy and background in calisthenics to guide you through each pose. You can specify a particular area to work on (strength, flexibility, breath etc) and I will plan a program just for you. I will also send through a program for you to do at home.

All levels are welcome to learn or deepen their practice in a space I have available  or at your location.

All levels are welcome to learn or deepen their practice in a space I have available  or at your location.

All levels are welcome to learn or deepen their practice in a space I have available  or at your location.

All levels are welcome to learn or deepen their practice in a space I have available  or at your location.

Hen’s weekends, birthday getaways, girls weekend! Whatever the reason make it memorable.  I’ll tailor a lesson to suit all levels and bring all the stuff we need. These are enjoyable and can be as easy or hard as you want them to be.

All classes can be held at your location, a park or the beach. Halls can be booked and the fee will be added to the total cost for the group. I provide all the equipment we need and a fun, energising flow or a meditative, relaxing hour. Whatever it is you need. 

Small group, one hour class, for eight to ten people.

Medium group, one hour class, for eleven to twenty people.

Large group, one hour class, for 21+ people.




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